What To See On Your Holy Land Tours

Israel is home to many different religious sites and Holy Land tours allow you to have guided access to some of the most famous places in history. Here are 10 places that you may want to consider when you are searching for Holy Land tours:

Bethlehem – The site of Jesus’ birth, Bethlehem is located in the West Bank in Palestinian territory but with professional Holy Land tours it is easy to visit.

Jerusalem – If you visit the Holy Land you simply cannot miss Jerusalem. With rich culture and history, the Old City gives you a glimpse into the way of life during the Bible like never before

Jordan River – The River of Jordan is where Jesus of Nazareth was Baptized by John the Baptist. The site in particular is known as Qasr el Yahud.

Mount of Olives – The Mount Of Olives is a ridge that sits outside the city of Jerusalem and is the location of where Jesus ascended into heaven after his resurrection.

Western Wall – The Western Wall is located in Jerusalem’s Old City and is the home to the holiest site that exists on Earth that Jews are permitted to pray.

Jaffa – Jaffa is home to St. Peter’s church and is an ancient city steeped in rich history. St. Peter stayed in this city and performed many miracles including bringing Tabitha back to life making it a significant but lesser chosen destination for Holy Land tours.

Jericho –Jericho is most famously known in the Bible for the battle that Joshua fought. In Jericho there are many famous sites to see, especially for archaeology enthusiasts, particularly Tell es-Sultan the ancient city of Jericho.

Nazareth – Nazareth is very important to Christianity because it is the town where Jesus had his childhood. It is also where the largest Christian church is located throughout the entire Middle Eastern region.


What To See On Your Holy Land Tours

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