Israel Day Tours – a Trip to Remember

The first thing you ought to know about Israel is that this is a country you would want to soak in in broad daylight, as it offers so many exciting and beautiful places to see. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get much rest at night, as you’ll surely be drawn to Israel’s rich and diverse nightlife.

If you really want to discover these unique spots, upclose and indepth, without missing any of the historic sites known throughout the world, your best course of action would be to take partin organized Israel day tours, which will make sure you receive valuable historical and social information to enrich your visit and turn it into an unforgettable trip.

Must See Spots

One of the most amazing places for you to visit, which is included in most Israel day tours, is the trip to Rosh Hanikra grottoes. This wild, natural sea-side cliff is located in the northern-western area of the country, near the city of Nahariya. The view is absolutely breathtaking, as the dark blue waves have been breaking against the rocks, creating deep, chiseled caves, for many centuries.

Another must see spot is of course the city of Zefat, a magical place affluent with mesmerizing views and scents, which has also inspired several stories and legends. You mustn’t miss out the day tours by foot, amongst the little allies between ancient brick walls and musical “Cleyzmer” parades.

The Beaches of Tel-Aviv

When you are exploring the length and breadth of Israel with Israel day tours you can’tmiss the colorful and exciting shores of Tel Aviv, the attractive boardwalk, and the sandy, inviting beaches, calling you to just put on a swimsuit and get in the water. Every beach has its own flare and if you go down south, to the old city of Jaffa, you will discover a charming, vibrant area with an authentic atmosphere, from beach to flee market.

It is best to come with an empty stomach, as you are about to be exposed to lots of special culinary experiences, that will surely leave you craving for more.



Israel Day Tours – a Trip to Remember

Guided Day Tours in Israel (Western Wall, Dead Sea, Golan Heights)

Israel, the promised land of the past, with the promise of wonderful sights and experiences in the present. But for those of you who are not familiar with this country`s lovely places, there are special and professional guided day tours in Israel that accommodate any need. Where should you visit? What are the places you must not miss out on? Here are a few tips and pointers.

The Western Wall

An ancientsite, held sacred by the Jewish people, which stands as a memorial and testament for the famous temple dating back to the 1st century, B.C. This is the holiest place for the Jewish people, who come to pray and to absorb the Jewish tradition.The Wailing Wall overlooks a divided plaza, as one part is for women and one is for men. It is important to be aware of the customs of this site so one can act respectfully and avoid from causing offense. Guided day tours in Israel, for that matter, assist travelers with understanding such acceptable social behaviors.

The Dead Sea

The lowest place on the face of the Earth, no less. This natural gem, rich with history and myth, also offers substantial health benefits, as many people from all over the world arrive there to enjoy special skin treatments derived from the natural salts and minerals ensconced in these waters. The Dead Sea is a natural wonder indeed, and it was actually almost declared as one of the world’s wonders.

Golan Heights

A beautiful geographic area of endless fields, wildlife, and attractions, including hiking in the fresh green and blue view. It is also a very famous region of wineries and vineyards, which produces some of the best wines in the world – for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to make sure your trip includes special restaurants when you visitthis magnificent place.



Guided Day Tours in Israel (Western Wall, Dead Sea, Golan Heights)