Israel Things to Do: Attraction and must see sites

With numerous tourist attractions sites in Israel, you will certainly be spoilt for choice on the locations to visit and activities to engage in first. Adventure lovers have an opportunity to engage in numerous activities that will give them the adrenaline rush they crave for. So, what are some of the must see locations and activities to engage in while in Israel?

Locations to visit and things to do

Numerous locations offer unique experiences that no other location can match. Here is a list of activities and sites that you cannot miss out on upon visiting Israel. You’ll forever be grateful you experienced them.

The Old city of Jerusalem

The city of Jerusalem is home to the ancient religion. Religions such as Jews, Islam and Christianity regard this town as the home of their religion.  That is why it is an important pilgrimage centre. The Jerusalem day tours will expose you to unforgettable experiences which no other tour company can match. Mesmerized is what you’ll be left feeling upon experiencing Jerusalem day tours.

Mountain of Olives

Located near the Old City of Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives is an important Christian pilgrimage destination. Named after the Olive Cloves that once covered the slopes of the mountain, this has been used as a cemetery for more than 3,000 years. As a matter of fact, there are more than 150,000 graves in this location. In addition, several key events in the life of Jesus and his disciples happened here. With Jerusalem day tours, you’ll get to know in full details the activities that were carried out in the Mountain of Olives.  The authentic history in full details! Awesome don’t you agree?



Located near the foot of Mount Olives, this is the location where Jesus and His disciples went to pray before He was crucified. Gethsemane was also the location where the disciples slept in the night before crucifixion of Jesus took place. There are four locations that are believed to be the spot where Jesus prayed. These spots include: the Greek Orthodox location on the east, near the tomb of the virgin on the north, the Russian orthodox orchard and near the tomb of the virgin to the North. Jerusalem day tours will guarantee you see the four historic locations and get the best out of Gethsemane.

The garden tomb

This rock cut tomb is the location where Jesus is believed to have been buried and resurrected. More to that, the garden tomb is adjacent to a rocky escarpment which is believed to be Golgotha. As a result, this is another popular pilgrimage site where Christians come to worship. Get to walk the walk Jesus walked with Jerusalem day tours. It’s a must experience!


There is definitely a lot to see, learn and do in Israel. With Jerusalem day tours, you can rest assured that your thirst for historical knowledge and thrilling adventure in Israel will be fully quenched.

Israel Things to Do: Attraction and must see sites

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