Israel Day Tours To Caesarea and Haifa

Israel is a rich and diverse country that is home to a wide range of things to do and see. No matter where you visit in Israel, you are certain to find many activities and destinations that will give you a sense of the historical and religious significance of the region. If you are looking for a unique Israel day tours throughout the country, you may want to consider visiting the coastal cities of Haifa and Caesarea that border the Mediterranean Sea.

Things To Do In Caesarea

The first place that you should visit is the city of Caesarea. This city was built during the Roman Empire by Herod the Great and named after August Caesar. The plans for the city was to create a port for maritime activity and use during the Roman Empire. The ancient ruins can still be seen and explored today. In addition to exploring the ruins and seeing the Caesarea Maritima Museum, you can also enjoy visiting the beach for a little sun.

Things To See In Haifa

The next destination on Israel day tours along the coast will be to the much larger city of Haifa. Haifa is one of the most urbanized cities in Israel and is currently the 3rd largest city in the country. Because it is highly urbanized there are many things to do in the city center itself such as enjoying shopping and restaurants. Additionally, you can visit the Baha’i Gardens and see the golden domed temple. Outside of the city proper is also the Haifa region which has many significant areas to explore.

Choosing The Right Israel Day Tours

If you are choosing between Israel day tours, it is recommended that you take a private tour along the coast. Because there is so much to do and see, using a private or semi-private tour of Caesarea and Haifa will give you the flexibility you need to discover these beautiful cities at your own pace. Private tours are also able to move around quicker than larger public tours, giving you ample time to explore all of the great attractions in these two destinations.