Guided Day Tours In Israel With Hallelujah Tours

If you are considering going on guided day tours in Israel, what should you be looking for? It’s a beautiful country, but to see it at its best, you need the right guide. It’s the most vital decision you make on your trip to Israel. You can change your hotel, book another flight, but if you spend a day traveling with a poor tour guide, you won’t get the time back.

There is a lot to consider, despite the fact Israel is a relatively small country. Anywhere with so many historical points of interest is always going to be popular – but which ones do you see and which do you leave until next time? We’re going to answer some of those questions right now. Here are our tips on choosing the right guided day tours in Israel.

The benefits

A tour guide with a license will give you an in-depth look at the wonderful country of Israel. And, if you choose the right service, you will catch the vast majority of the famous sites, but also the hidden gems, too. You can also expect a thorough commentary on the events and history of the region – as well as info on the geography and local nature. The right guide offers passion, knowledge, and has excellent communication skills. They will be easy to get on with, too – very friendly and easygoing. You are, after all, putting your trust into these people.

Where to go?

The most popular areas for tourists are the Dead Sea tour, Jerusalem, and Bethlehem. The Sea of Galilee is also a hot favorite – as are visits to Cesarea and Haifa. It’s not too much surprise to hear that the region is a big favorite with religious folk. They want to see the lands where their faith started so many years ago. But, there is much to enjoy from a cultural and historical perspective, too.

Should I go private?

If you want the best possible guided day tours in Israel, we recommend going down the private guide route. Group tours are great, of course – and you will meet a lot of people and make new friends. But, for a more intricate look at Israel, the personal touch is your best bet. Not only will you have more one-to-one time with your guide, but they will also get to know you. It means that they will be able to tailor your tour to your needs and wishes, rather than going with the populist script.

Are group tours worth it?

Absolutely! In fact, as we mentioned above, group tours are a great way to meet people and make new friends from all over the world. And, when you’re short on time, a group tour will give you a quick look at all the points of interest in any one particular area. We would recommend going on smaller trips, though. Anything more than 16 people can get hectic.

We hope you have enjoyed this brief guide on choosing a guided tour in Israel. Feel free to have a look around our site, and contact us for some great tour ideas for your next trip to Israel.