Israel Day Tours – a Trip to Remember

The first thing you ought to know about Israel is that this is a country you would want to soak in in broad daylight, as it offers so many exciting and beautiful places to see. But this doesn’t mean you’ll be able to get much rest at night, as you’ll surely be drawn to Israel’s rich and diverse nightlife.

If you really want to discover these unique spots, upclose and indepth, without missing any of the historic sites known throughout the world, your best course of action would be to take partin organized Israel day tours, which will make sure you receive valuable historical and social information to enrich your visit and turn it into an unforgettable trip.

Must See Spots

One of the most amazing places for you to visit, which is included in most Israel day tours, is the trip to Rosh Hanikra grottoes. This wild, natural sea-side cliff is located in the northern-western area of the country, near the city of Nahariya. The view is absolutely breathtaking, as the dark blue waves have been breaking against the rocks, creating deep, chiseled caves, for many centuries.

Another must see spot is of course the city of Zefat, a magical place affluent with mesmerizing views and scents, which has also inspired several stories and legends. You mustn’t miss out the day tours by foot, amongst the little allies between ancient brick walls and musical “Cleyzmer” parades.

The Beaches of Tel-Aviv

When you are exploring the length and breadth of Israel with Israel day tours you can’tmiss the colorful and exciting shores of Tel Aviv, the attractive boardwalk, and the sandy, inviting beaches, calling you to just put on a swimsuit and get in the water. Every beach has its own flare and if you go down south, to the old city of Jaffa, you will discover a charming, vibrant area with an authentic atmosphere, from beach to flee market.

It is best to come with an empty stomach, as you are about to be exposed to lots of special culinary experiences, that will surely leave you craving for more.



Israel Day Tours – a Trip to Remember

Guided Day Tours in Israel (Western Wall, Dead Sea, Golan Heights)

Israel, the promised land of the past, with the promise of wonderful sights and experiences in the present. But for those of you who are not familiar with this country`s lovely places, there are special and professional guided day tours in Israel that accommodate any need. Where should you visit? What are the places you must not miss out on? Here are a few tips and pointers.

The Western Wall

An ancientsite, held sacred by the Jewish people, which stands as a memorial and testament for the famous temple dating back to the 1st century, B.C. This is the holiest place for the Jewish people, who come to pray and to absorb the Jewish tradition.The Wailing Wall overlooks a divided plaza, as one part is for women and one is for men. It is important to be aware of the customs of this site so one can act respectfully and avoid from causing offense. Guided day tours in Israel, for that matter, assist travelers with understanding such acceptable social behaviors.

The Dead Sea

The lowest place on the face of the Earth, no less. This natural gem, rich with history and myth, also offers substantial health benefits, as many people from all over the world arrive there to enjoy special skin treatments derived from the natural salts and minerals ensconced in these waters. The Dead Sea is a natural wonder indeed, and it was actually almost declared as one of the world’s wonders.

Golan Heights

A beautiful geographic area of endless fields, wildlife, and attractions, including hiking in the fresh green and blue view. It is also a very famous region of wineries and vineyards, which produces some of the best wines in the world – for you to enjoy. Don’t forget to make sure your trip includes special restaurants when you visitthis magnificent place.



Guided Day Tours in Israel (Western Wall, Dead Sea, Golan Heights)

Types Of Jerusalem Day Tours To Choose From

No trip to Israel is complete without visiting the city of Jerusalem. It is home to some of the most important areas in the world for religion and is a great place to grow stronger in Faith and experience ancient history and bring the Bible to life. If you plan on taking Jerusalem day tours, there are many different options that you have to choose from, including:

Just Jerusalem

For some people, whether it is due to time or simply not wanting a long tour, you can take guided Jerusalem day tours that only focus on this ancient city. You can start the day by exploring the Old City and each of the Four Quarters. Some of the places to see in the Old City include the Holy Sepulcher, the Via Dolorosa—the walk that Jesus made to his crucifixion—and even a trip to the tomb of Jesus and crucifixion hill.

Jerusalem and The Desert

If you would like to explore more of Israel in a single trip, you may want to take a trip to see not only Jerusalem but also the Judean Desert. After a morning exploring the Old City in Jerusalem, you can take a trip to the Mount Of Olives and stand in the same place that Jesus ascended into heaven. Afterwards, go with your guide and driver to explore the Judean desert and explore the beautiful scenes in the area.

Jerusalem and Bethlehem

Another great choice for Jerusalem Day Tours, if you would like to stick to more Holy Land sites, is to visit Jerusalem in the morning and then go to the city of Bethlehem afterwards. Since the two places are relatively close together, you have time to not only see the Old City but also the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Western Wall, and still visit the Church of Nativity and the birthplace of Jesus in Bethlehem.

Book Your Jerusalem Day Tours Today

With many different Jerusalem tour options available, Hallelujah Tours will allow you to explore the beauty of Jerusalem like never before. Your guide will take you to each region of the area, help you find great gifts to bring back home, and explain the rich and diverse history and significance of each area.



Types Of Jerusalem Day Tours To Choose From

What To See On Your Holy Land Tours

Israel is home to many different religious sites and Holy Land tours allow you to have guided access to some of the most famous places in history. Here are 10 places that you may want to consider when you are searching for Holy Land tours:

Bethlehem – The site of Jesus’ birth, Bethlehem is located in the West Bank in Palestinian territory but with professional Holy Land tours it is easy to visit.

Jerusalem – If you visit the Holy Land you simply cannot miss Jerusalem. With rich culture and history, the Old City gives you a glimpse into the way of life during the Bible like never before

Jordan River – The River of Jordan is where Jesus of Nazareth was Baptized by John the Baptist. The site in particular is known as Qasr el Yahud.

Mount of Olives – The Mount Of Olives is a ridge that sits outside the city of Jerusalem and is the location of where Jesus ascended into heaven after his resurrection.

Western Wall – The Western Wall is located in Jerusalem’s Old City and is the home to the holiest site that exists on Earth that Jews are permitted to pray.

Jaffa – Jaffa is home to St. Peter’s church and is an ancient city steeped in rich history. St. Peter stayed in this city and performed many miracles including bringing Tabitha back to life making it a significant but lesser chosen destination for Holy Land tours.

Jericho –Jericho is most famously known in the Bible for the battle that Joshua fought. In Jericho there are many famous sites to see, especially for archaeology enthusiasts, particularly Tell es-Sultan the ancient city of Jericho.

Nazareth – Nazareth is very important to Christianity because it is the town where Jesus had his childhood. It is also where the largest Christian church is located throughout the entire Middle Eastern region.


What To See On Your Holy Land Tours

Jerusalem day tours

Jerusalem day tours are offering you a one of a kind way to explore this holy city and experience it in all of its glory. There are lots of places to check out if you choose to come to this city, such as the old city of Jerusalem that includes amazing relics that allow you to connect yourself with the legacy and religion that is very powerful in this place.

Another place included in our Jerusalem day tours is the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial that really brings in front the utter destruction caused by the holocaust, allowing you to see how did this impact the life of many people in this region.

The Western Wall is another important attraction here, and so is the Israel museum that allows you to connect with the local history of the entire country, which is exciting and extraordinary on its own.

Some of the other things to check out during the Jerusalem day tours are the Western Wall tunnels as well as the Hezekiah Tunnels, which do add up to offer you a very exciting experience even though they can be quite scary if you are not accustomed with tunnels and subterranean locations. They are perfectly safe to visit and checking them out will offer a great insight into what the tours have to offer.

Then you have the Mount of Olives which is offering a pleasant and exquisite vista as well as the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Garden Tom, Garden of Gethsemane and the Tower of David Museum. All of these combined add up in order to offer a relaxing and exciting experience all around.

If you want to visit all of the above and so much more, we recommend you check out the Jerusalem day tours offered by our company right now, you will not be disappointed!



Jerusalem day tours