Trip To Jerusalem – What To Do And See

One of the most famous cities in all of Israel is Jerusalem and is a must-see destination if you visit Israel. Whether you decide to explore Jerusalem for the entire day or simply choose Jerusalem day tours that are short and only last half the day, there are many different areas to see that you will not want to miss. From a historical, cultural, and religious perspective, here are some of the things that you will want to see when you visit Jerusalem:

Visit The Old City

The Old City is one of the most significant areas of Jerusalem. Within the Old City, you will be able to see the Wailing Wall, a very important location in Judaism. You will also be able to walk the same path through Jerusalem that Jesus took during his crucifixion, known as the Via Dolorosa and eventually visit the Church of the Holy Sepulcher where his tomb was.

See Gethsemane

When booking private Jerusalem day tours, do not forget to visit Gethsemane as well. It is the garden that is found at the very base of the Mount of Olives. At this site, the disciple of Jesus slept and it is where Jesus prayed the night before his Crucifixion took place, moments before the betrayal by Judas Iscariot.

Walk To The Mount of Olives

From Gethsemane, you will want to continue up the Mount of Olives until you reach the peak. Located just outside the city of Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives is the region where Jesus made his ascension after the resurrection occurred. The peaceful, serene environment is a very sacred place. This locationmakes a great area to not only enjoy an overview of the city but strengthen and grow in your faith as well.