Visiting Northern Israel: Nazareth, Jordan River, Sea of Galilee, and Golan Heights

Every single year more than 3 million people travel around Israel on different Israel day tours. While there are many popular destinations and tours to choose from, visiting the north of Israel is something that you should consider. With many different destinations that can be seen in a single day, a trip that consists of Nazareth, the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee, and Golan Heights is a great way to spend a day packed with memories. Here’s what you need to know:

Religious and Historical Sites

A trip to the north of Israel offers many distinct and significant sites for those who are taking a trip for religious purposes or simply want to explore the history and culture of Israel. Nazareth is a destination in the North where you can explore the childhood city where Jesus grew up. Northern Israel is also where Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River, making it another place to visit.

Stunning Nature Views Of Northern Israel

Not only is northern Israel home to some of the most important sites for many religions, it is also famous for some of the best views in all of the country. Taking a trip to the Sea of Galilee, a large freshwater lake, will allow you to enjoy time near the water. You can then travel to the Golan Heights and have magnificent views over the Israeli landscape below, perfect for taking pictures.

Why Choose Private Or Semi-Private Tours To Northern Israel

If you plan on taking Israel day tours throughout this region, it is highly recommended that you take a private or semi-private tour. Unlike public tours that are full of large groups, private tours are much smaller and specifically tailored to your group. With private Israel day tours you will be able to explore the northern region at your own pace, have one-on-one time with your guide, and ultimately have a better experience.